The Buckhorn Bullet Hole

I had to go back. I had to know the story of the bullet hole in the mirror, so here it is. It is a tale of betrayal, jealousy, drunkenness and incredible stupidity.  Back in 1971, a man in the throes of a jealous rage came looking for his wife’s lover, who worked at the bar. He came with a high-powered hunting rifle. He fired a couple of shots into the ceiling and was then hustled outside by some patrons, who inexplicably let him keep his rifle. The man went across the street and then fired a shot through the bar’s plate glass window, and that bullet penetrated the mirror, adding to the already considerable lore of the place. Nobody was hurt, and I never found out what happened to the assailant, although in Laramie I suspect this kind of behavior is considered no worse than illegally parking in a handicapped zone.


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3 Responses to The Buckhorn Bullet Hole

  1. gpcox says:

    Looks like my kind of place.

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