Civil War in Chattanooga, TN.

The two photos above were taken at Point Park on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. The photo below was taken at Chickamauga Battlefield just across the state line in Georgia.

It’s hard to take an interesting picture of a battlefield. Unless there is an area that is uniquely defined, like Devil’s Den at Gettysburg, for example, the scope is usually too large to be photographed. Most of the battlefields I have visited have the same things on display; cannons, monuments and split rail fences, and unless you can catch them in the light of sunrise or sunset, none make for very compelling photography. So I like to look for something that tells its own story, something that is a small part of the larger whole, and at Chickamauga, I chose this, the sign that marks the spot where General John Bell Hood received the wounds that cost him his right leg. He already had a dead arm from shrapnel that struck him at Gettysburg. I have always been fascinated by General Hood, and how he not only recovered from such catastrophic injuries, but he overcame them and returned to duty commanding troops, strapped to his horse. He sometimes rode as many as twenty miles a day. Incredible.


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