Images From The Walking Trail – Fall

There is a walking/jogging/biking trail that meanders through a green space near my home. A rocky creek runs alongside the trail. When the trees are fully leafed, the houses that border the green space are mostly hidden, and I can almost forget I’m in the middle of suburbia. I like that feeling. I usually carry my camera along with me.

The creek has been dry for months, thanks to our extended drought, and it pains me to say that it contains more than its fair share of litter. It is not a good subject for pictures in its current state. So I have had to look closer. Beauty is where you find it.

I saw this leaf standing on its end, back-lit by the sun, and it looked like a yellow flame on the ground. I managed to get the shot just before the wind blew it over.

My camera is a Canon S100. I’ve only had it for a few weeks. I’m learning to use the manual controls.

My plan is to chronicle the four seasons, so I begin with Fall, my favorite. Winter is going to be a challenge, with its fifty shades of gray, and brown, but the fun is in trying to figure out how best to show it.


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1 Response to Images From The Walking Trail – Fall

  1. The Canon S100 was recommended to us and you/it take impressive photos! Thanks for a very nice demonstration.

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