The Colorado Floods Explained


I knew if I waited long enough someone would explain the reason that Colorado is suffering the most intense flooding in state history. There are several schools of thought floating around in cyberspace, but most of them have a common thread.

There are some people who say it’s God’s punishment for Colorado’s recent legalization of marijuana. There are others that believe it’s God’s punishment for the recall of two Democratic politicians who voted in favor of gun control legislation. There is even a splinter group that believes the faithful over-did it when they sent up prayers for fire-quenching rain a few weeks ago. The implication is they somehow taxed God’s patience and this week’s deluge is pay-back. I trust you are seeing the common thread.

Never known to be out-crazied, the good people at Westboro Baptist Church say God sent the floods because the people of Boulder are “evil filth” for their acceptance of gays. They promise to show up and picket once Boulder dries out, “if there is anything left.”

I’ve always enjoyed reading the thoughts and opinions of smart people, and I figure these folks must know a lot more about how God works and thinks than I do, especially when it involves the weather, since I am mostly an amateur when it comes to religion. I could have been perfectly satisfied with any one of these explanations, but then I had to mess things up by Googling for the reason one last time. And I came across an explanation from a meteorologist, of all people.

He said “the rains and floods were the result of a strong, slow-moving storm at upper levels of the atmosphere that got trapped to the south of an unusually strong ridge of high pressure, and the circulation around it tapped a plume of extremely moist, monsoonal air from Mexico that pushed up against the mountains and fell as rain”

Hmmmm. So who do I believe? People who claim they are privy to the thoughts of an obviously angry God, or a man with a Dopler radar and satellites and computer models and historical data and, more than likely, the only one of the whole bunch with a post-high school education.  It’s a conundrum.


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4 Responses to The Colorado Floods Explained

  1. gpcox says:

    The news is cock full of God’s wrath stories – been going on since he made man. (He should have left Nature alone)

  2. The crazys are getting crazier and more vocal ! The last “God’s wrath” story I remember hitting the papers over here in UK was when York Minster was hit by lightning and fire raged, after a controversial archbishop was ordained in said minster. Fortunately the crazys aren’t quite so vocal so often over here.

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