The Shutdown in Crazy Town

I am usually reluctant to post my thoughts on politics because I believe no one really cares what I think, just like I don’t care what most other people think. I will listen to talk shows on the radio as long as the host and the guests are engaged in a civil and interesting discussion, but the minute they open up the phone lines and the calls start coming in from the heartland I turn the dial.

But I’m making an exception today because of my concern about what’s going on in Washington with the government shutdown and looming debt ceiling crisis. As I understand it, the whole fiasco is being caused by a minority group of Republicans who want to gut the healthcare law by defunding it. Never mind the fact that it is the law, voted on by Congress, signed by the president and validated by the Supreme Court.

People have differing opinions about Obamacare, and that’s okay. I don’t claim to be a fervent supporter myself, because I’m not really sure how it will work or how well. But I do know this; it’s the law, and laws created by our system of majority rule should be respected. The healthcare law exists because our constitutional system worked like it was designed to work. Anyone who thinks it’s a bad law should use the same framework to try and change it. What they should not do is hold the government hostage and risk wrecking the economy in the process.

Some of the Republicans who are the cause of this mess believe that a government default wouldn’t be the economic catastrophe most experts say it would be. This does not inspire my confidence, because many of these same people also think humans exist on Earth only because Adam took a liking to Eve.

A few months ago, I wrote about how the Republican Party, of which I have always considered myself a member, no longer mirrors my values.  At the time I didn’t think they could go any farther off the rails. But they have risen to the challenge and proved me wrong. Poor Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave.


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2 Responses to The Shutdown in Crazy Town

  1. gpcox says:

    I think Washington, as a whole, has been invaded by a stupidity virus of some sort. Things have gotten WAY out of hand.

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