Super Sunday

Yesterday the roads were still icy from the freezing rain so my wife asked me to drive her to McGonigle’s Market. She saw I was watching basketball but she doesn’t like driving on ice and she can get pretty disagreeable about it so I said okay. The roads weren’t that bad once we got going and I thought about making a comment but I decided not to. It wouldn’t have done anything but start a fight, so I figured I would just make the best of it. It was a nice day and to be honest I was tired of being cooped up in the house anyway.

McGonigle’s is an old fashioned market that’s still around because folks like their meat. It’s not a very big place but it sure smells good when you walk in and when I’m there it reminds me of the market on my grandmother’s street I liked to go to when I was a kid. I was hoping to get a barbecue sandwich that they sell from a trailer out front but I found out they only do that when it’s warm. If you go there on the day before Thanksgiving you’ll see lots of people picking up smoked turkeys. Sometimes the line goes all the way up to the front door. It’s pretty good turkey but it’s not cheap and I wouldn’t want to stand in a line for it. My wife just throws a fresh one in the oven for a couple of hours and that’s fine with me.

She bought some sliced turkey and some chicken she said we can cook outside later when the weather warms up. That won’t be anytime soon from the looks of it. There’s a big snowstorm coming on Tuesday. So they say, anyway. After we left McGonigle’s we went to Lenny’s and ate cheesesteak sandwiches.

We made it home before the Super Bowl, which was my main concern. As Super Bowls go this one was a steaming pile of dog shit, but it was still a good excuse to drink a few beers on a Sunday. I woke up with a headache but I didn’t complain cause I’ve had a lot worse.

All things considered it was a pretty good day.


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Sixty-five. Bald. Fat. Grouchy. 'bout covers it.
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2 Responses to Super Sunday

  1. gpcox says:

    I have no words for the Super Bowl – shut it off when I realized the half-time break didn’t help matters any.

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