Snow Day

The big snow came today like they said it would. It doesn’t pay to doubt the weatherman anymore.

I’ve shoveled the driveway twice so far trying to stay ahead of it. My theory is that shoveling three inches three times is a lot easier than shoveling nine inches one time. Especially at my age.  My doctor told me last year I should not shovel snow, but he didn’t offer to come over and do it for me so his advice is not worth much the way I see it. I compromise by trying to move the snow in little bites so I don’t get too worked up. If I do it that way it’s like exercise. He didn’t tell me not to exercise.

The first time I went out to shovel today I fell down twice because the ice from last week’s freezing rain is still stuck to the driveway. I regret now I didn’t do more to get it off while I had the chance. I didn’t hurt myself but it was embarrassing. Before I shoveled the second time I took some chain off a hanging plant basket and wrapped it around my shoes. I figured if it worked on car tires it should work on shoes. I slipped a few times but I never went down, so I’d say my theory proved out.

One of the best things about being outside when it snows is that it’s real quiet except for the sound the snow makes. My theory is the flakes hit the dry leaves that are still on the trees and bushes, and it makes a ticking sound, sort of like when the bubbles in a soda fizz to the top. That’s probably not the best analogy. Anyway I like listening to it, and I also like watching it fall through the glow of the streetlight down on the corner. And I like to eat it. I know you’re not supposed to but I don’t care. When I was growing up the countries that had atom bombs were still testing them above ground and my mother told me if I ate snow I would get sick from the radiation that stayed up in the clouds. Of course that was nonsense and I suffered no ill effects, as far as I know, but her advice stuck with me, even though I don’t follow it. Looking back on it my mother told me quite a few things that were not technically true, but in her defense I think she did it so I wouldn’t do stupid things.

They say it’s going to snow all night so it looks like I’ll get at least one more shot at the driveway. If the shoe chains keep me upright again I might just apply for a patent. Surely no one has ever thought of it before.


About Truman

Sixty-five. Bald. Fat. Grouchy. 'bout covers it.
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3 Responses to Snow Day

  1. gpcox says:

    Be careful out there! This winter is either over-the-top freezing or HOT. (depending where you are)

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